Custom Leather Guitar Straps - Being Born

We believe our guitar straps represent the very finest you could possibly buy anywhere in the World.

Utilizing the skills of one of the UKs finest saddlers from Walsall (the home of the British leather industry), every strap is painstakingly produced one by one with the care and attention only a true craftsman can possess.

You will read so many descriptions of guitar straps promoted as "hand made", or "high quality leather" but we rarely see a guitar strap that comes close to the quality of ours at the price we offer them at.

When look at alternatives please  watch our video first, see what we are offering and remember that we use the highest grades of bridle leather along with Italian calf for the inner lining (no cheaper suede unless its specified).  Our straps contain memory foam padding, sculpted by hand for the most comfortable fit.  We would like to believe our skills & dedication to providing the highest quality results are second to none.

Its all in the video - We managed to get it down to 12 minutes and we hope you will find it interesting.


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