Want to Buy A Guitar Strap? If You Want The Best It Has To Be Walsall

How many times have you seen advertised a "Deluxe" Guitar Strap or "Premium" Guitar Strap?  Every guitar strap range seems to have what they refer to as their "top end" guitar strap but how good are they really?

Its fair to say that nearly any guitar strap will "work".  If you just want a guitar strap to keep the guitar around your neck when playing then frankly you don't need a Walsall guitar strap.

If however you appreciate the finer things in life -  Lets say for example you are into Hi-Fi?  You know you could make do with a stereo from Dixons but anyone who appreciates the finer detail of music will know that Hi-Fi comes at a price - but is worth EVERY penny.

We all know any car can take us from A to B but sometimes we don't just want to "get there" - we want to enjoy the journey.  Using that analogy, Walsall really are the Aston Martin of the guitar strap World.

Bold Claims - Lets Look At the Evidence

* Every Walsall guitar strap is made literally by hand using only the most authentic and traditional tooling methods which remain unchanged for the past 100 years.

* A Walsall guitar strap is made by the same individual whose adult life has been dedicated to the art of leather manufacturing including premium grade horse bridles & saddles which sell for several thousand pounds.  These same skills are utilised to produce you the finest guitar strap money can buy.

* Bridle Leather is our STANDARD.   It is very rare to find any mainstream guitar strap manufacturer using this quality of leather but for us its our "norm".

* We don't use suede.  Suede is used because its cheap and is the sign of a cheaply produced guitar strap.  If you want a suede strap - great!  However - we are not the guitar strap producer for you as you will find many mass produced guitar straps made with cheap suede at a fraction of the price if you have a hunt around on Amazon.

* Memory Foam Centre Core.  When you feel our guitar straps they have the softest touch - this is because at the heart of our guitar straps we cut in a memory foam core.  Our straps have to be felt - to be believed.  Comfort is our #1 priority.

* Whilst bridle leather is incredibly strong, we also want you to love having the guitar strap around your neck, hence the memory foam but in order to give you the ultimate in luxury feel we utilize THE softest possible Italian leather - the kind you would maybe associate with the finest driving gloves (that you may wear to drive that Aston Martin we were talking about earlier!) but on this occasion its going to be wrapped around your neck for your next gig or practice session.  Once again - It is highly unlikely you will find other guitar straps with this pedigree of materials used.

*  Our leather is sourced from the finest tanneries around the World - take for example our friends in Italy.  The run a small family based tannery who recently sent us some beautiful Dakota leather for our Dakota limited edition guitar strap.  Beautifully soft with a unique look and feel.  We could not be more proud of the result.

* If you imagine what most companies describe as "Deluxe" which are often no more than mass produced guitar straps using mediocre quality leather or suede - we hope you will agree that spending a little more on a Walsall strap will provide you a lifetime of pleasure and appreciation, not to mention the most comfortable guitar strap you have ever encountered.

 Walsall Guitar Strap


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